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Discussion Group - 18 March 2013

At its upcoming annual meetings in April, the General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches, of which this congregation is a member, will consider a motion on whether we, as a body, encourage the Government to change or adapt existing legislation on ‘Assisted Dying’.  The author of the Motion, Robert Ince, of Fulwood Old Chapel, Sheffield, has said:


“Many people within the Unitarian movement have openly supported this cause; others are opposed to it, and some do not think it a suitable subject on which to have a Unitarian position.  So, this is clearly an issue that will be difficult to discuss and for some it will bring back memories that have been both painful and tragic.


However, we at Fulwood Old Chapel do believe that it is an important issue of social justice and that we, as Unitarians, should consider our position, personal or otherwise, and be able to contribute to the public debate that is already going on.”


As a congregation, it is important we have the opportunity to discuss this matter, in a loving and supportive manner.  It is proposed therefore that we offer the chance to discuss and debate the issues, without prejudice and in an open and accepting way.


For those that wish to, we will hold a group discussion at the Meeting House on Monday 18th March, at 7.30pm.  All are welcome.  In order to get an idea of numbers, and circulation of any relevant material beforehand, please do let Daniel know if you are intending to be there.

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