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Prayer & Meditation

Many people, Unitarians included, find prayer and meditation to be helpful spiritual practices.  Our Services on Sunday mornings will always contain times of prayer, and periods of stillness and reflection.  However, we also recognise that there are times when longer periods of prayer or meditation can help to calm us and lead to greater reflection and revelation.


Singing Meditation

Our Singing Meditation group is a monthly evening of gentle chanting and singing, led by Jenny Canfield. Lasting around one hour, we focus on a a selection of simple songs and rounds to sing together; the simple repetition builds a gentle, calming state.  There is no singing ability required - all we ask is a willingness to be present. 

These sessions are currently on hold, pending further COVID-related review.  More news to follow.

There is no charge, and all are welcome.

Sunday Stillness

We usually hold a gentle Sunday Stillness meditation group at 9.45am, on the first Sunday of the month, before our regular Morning Service at 10.30am.  These are currently on hold, pending a further COVID-related review.  An opportunity to find space and calm in a smaller group.  All are welcome


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